The Crown of Light is a proprietary, patented and branded 90-faceted diamond cut.

The Crown of Light cut has revolutionized ideas of what a diamond can achieve. The masterfully cut stones feature nearly twice the facets of a standard round brilliant cut resulting in a distinctive and recognizable domed top profile. In fact, its unique design was patented by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

The extraordinary facet pattern of this unique cut enhances a diamond’s light performance. Complex science and mathematics behind refraction and angles explain this phenomenon. But simply put, the 90 facets provide more angles of incidence for light interaction thus causing superior fire and scintillation for which the Crown of Light cut is lauded.

It is not just the uniqueness of the cut that makes Crown of Light stand out. A Crown of Light diamond takes twice as long to cut when compared to a conventional round brilliant cut.  Also, in order to achieve the exacting standards of the Crown of Light facet blueprint, every Crown of Light stone must pass a ten-point quality control inspection prior to release from our global Crown of Light cutting and polishing facilities.

The Crown of Light brand offers a wide range of carat sizes from 0.02 carats all the way to 18.22 carats.

As with all proprietary and branded product, it is important to visit a credentialed appraiser with the correct methodology to identify and value the Crown of Light brand.  For more information or for assistance on locating a credentialed appraiser near your location please contact [email protected]

For credentialed appraisers who need assistance and information about Crown of Light loose stones and jewelry please contact [email protected]